Monday, June 8, 2015

Beautybeats <<< 1 >>>

Secret of being younger starts from the outer mainly skin. I was one sort of lazy bum whom only settle with a bottle of cleanser for my face. Worst that I sometimes did not remove make up properly or even too exhausted to sleep dead with those chemical colors junk after whole day outing. I am regret of  treating my skin such way and aging makes me realized that I should do something about it.

I am recently more active on Instagram to discover more beauty products. Whitening is the main concerned for Malaysian as the weather is freaking hot and humid at the same time. I personally dislike the stickiness after applying lotion or cream. That's why I am quite particular in choosing those more towards soothing results.

Based on experience , Snow Fairy Hydro White Emulsion is more applicable on scars.  It lighten the scars on my both legs within a week. Use every day and night to brighten the skin effectively.

For my face, my favorite product for now would be LaZior Paris. Apply after cleansing and toning in the morning and evening.  It remove dead skin cells and aged cuticle from skin surface. After all, it is easier to put on make up and stays long lasting.

This picture is non-edited. Milky Gluta Pure soap can be used for face and body. It's best if you could dip yourself in the tub with this milky soap add on to achieve a better result.

Nightmare ?


Since young, I often dreamt of incident that will happened in real life. This make me kind of curious was that a sign of telling or informing me.Or either , I will just woke up without remember a single scene in my dream though the story might be long enough to tell.

Yesterday or perhaps this morning, I walked into my dreamland again. The place looks familiar, towards Thailand . I was in a travel bus ready to dine in restaurant. The bus passed by an old classic shop lots.One of the shop got my most attention as I could see a dead body covered with white plastic which material same like those clinic packed medicine.There was a man back facing outside the shop holding a scissors trying to cut it off but I didn't get to see it.

Then the bus I was in drove to a backstreet . All the passengers including me get down the bus walk thorough muddy and watery ....The dream stopped and I didn't managed to walk until the restaurant and I was awake.

It given me hint that someone going to leave my life unexpectedly ? OR ... I might not reach where I want to if I still hold on what I am not willing to let go. Stronger feeling tell me that it could be the first one as the scene was clearly and highlighted in my mind.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Foodalicious [[[ 1 ]]]

On a boring day, when you have nothing better to do ; at the same time craving for sweet tooth. Grab a jar of Nutella and pour onto the white marshmallows. It would somehow delight your taste bud with effortless.

Fat die me !!!
I still love chocolate though..... 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lifestylo [[[ 2 ]]]

Besides International Women's Day , my one and only sister's birthday falls on March 8. Which means, the whole world is celebrating along with her. She is even prouder to named herself 三八婆 according to her date of birth.

That evening, she brought home a box of Secret Recipe's cake. Nee and I wefie with it as though we got it for her. But the true story behind is to be revealed. I know it sounds silly but we camwhored with the red box happily.

Had fun taking picture with the cake that her colleagues bought for her. Another purpose of doing so was to send this picture to Sze to make her felt missed out. What the..... right?

My not so outgoing sister was acting unusual that evening. She kept asking where were we going at night. Actually, she was indirectly hinting where to celebrate. So, we decided why not just go out with this rare request lady.

Nee suggested this dining place named Naughty Nuri's which located at Jalan Sri Hartamas , Sze was tagged along. Reservation to be made rather than walk in. We waited more than half an hour to get a table.

The best way to ignore starving tummies is to take pictures. Ladies being ladies, we could pose anywhere and everywhere. Cozy woody ambient delighted the smiles. Can you feel the lovey dovey within us ? 

5 of us shared two plates of Pork ribs and some others dishes.

Of course, to remember to chill with a pint of Hoegaarden. A little tipsy ,hype and sexiness for the night. Cheers to Mei!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Lifestylo [[[ 1 ]]]

When a situation happened, you just have to push yourself to the extend you have never shown.My driving and parking skill had bothered me a lot to drive apart from my usual areas. Since then, I know I couldn't and shouldn't rely on no one but myself.

It was almost coming to an end of Chinese New Year. I have finally took the guts to drive my mum around for visiting. Mum felt so blessed to see her both mummy's girls had slight improvement.

Location : Saujana Puchong

My mum used to babysit this girl next to me when she was in kindergarten. She is in secondary school now. How time flies, I am old.

Mummy and her childhood friend. I couldn't agree much to say they look like sister especially the hairstyle.

I am thankful enough that I am always surrounded with people whom are willing to fetch me here and there. Sometimes, you just need to get out of comfort zone to see where you could reach. It might seems like very small or even no matter to anyone of you, but it really meant something to me.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fashionality [[[ 1 ]]]

The more you planned on what to wear, it just turned out not the way you wanted it to be. Sometimes, the "just let it be" and quick pick could create an incredible outcome.

That night was a reunion dinner with the family.Of course I wanted to show myself in a pleasant and presentable mannered.After frustrated of trying on few dresses, I felt like giving up.

Then, it popped out from my mind that I have bought a white milky dress few weeks ago.I took it out from my closet and put it on casually without thinking it would look nice though.

A simple dress by pairing with some accessories is way simple and comfortable. Never expect a wow from them before heading out, but mummy and sister said it looked fine.

Relatives commented that my dressing was sort of different from what they usually see. They didn't prefer seeing me in sleeveless due to I am categorized as too thin. So, this time it work unexpectedly!

Time passes so fast,we have all grown up.Cousin's love!

Milky dress from Zara
Pink clutch and necklace from Tao Bao
Watch from Casio
Milky lace heels from Vincci

" I like to  dress comfortably for myself, while people look into it comfortably ."