Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fashionality [[[ 1 ]]]

The more you planned on what to wear, it just turned out not the way you wanted it to be. Sometimes, the "just let it be" and quick pick could create an incredible outcome.

That night was a reunion dinner with the family.Of course I wanted to show myself in a pleasant and presentable mannered.After frustrated of trying on few dresses, I felt like giving up.

Then, it popped out from my mind that I have bought a white milky dress few weeks ago.I took it out from my closet and put it on casually without thinking it would look nice though.

A simple dress by pairing with some accessories is way simple and comfortable. Never expect a wow from them before heading out, but mummy and sister said it looked fine.

Relatives commented that my dressing was sort of different from what they usually see. They didn't prefer seeing me in sleeveless due to I am categorized as too thin. So, this time it work unexpectedly!

Time passes so fast,we have all grown up.Cousin's love!

Milky dress from Zara
Pink clutch and necklace from Tao Bao
Watch from Casio
Milky lace heels from Vincci

" I like to  dress comfortably for myself, while people look into it comfortably ."

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