Sunday, April 19, 2015

Lifestylo [[[ 1 ]]]

When a situation happened, you just have to push yourself to the extend you have never shown.My driving and parking skill had bothered me a lot to drive apart from my usual areas. Since then, I know I couldn't and shouldn't rely on no one but myself.

It was almost coming to an end of Chinese New Year. I have finally took the guts to drive my mum around for visiting. Mum felt so blessed to see her both mummy's girls had slight improvement.

Location : Saujana Puchong

My mum used to babysit this girl next to me when she was in kindergarten. She is in secondary school now. How time flies, I am old.

Mummy and her childhood friend. I couldn't agree much to say they look like sister especially the hairstyle.

I am thankful enough that I am always surrounded with people whom are willing to fetch me here and there. Sometimes, you just need to get out of comfort zone to see where you could reach. It might seems like very small or even no matter to anyone of you, but it really meant something to me.

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