Monday, June 8, 2015

Nightmare ?


Since young, I often dreamt of incident that will happened in real life. This make me kind of curious was that a sign of telling or informing me.Or either , I will just woke up without remember a single scene in my dream though the story might be long enough to tell.

Yesterday or perhaps this morning, I walked into my dreamland again. The place looks familiar, towards Thailand . I was in a travel bus ready to dine in restaurant. The bus passed by an old classic shop lots.One of the shop got my most attention as I could see a dead body covered with white plastic which material same like those clinic packed medicine.There was a man back facing outside the shop holding a scissors trying to cut it off but I didn't get to see it.

Then the bus I was in drove to a backstreet . All the passengers including me get down the bus walk thorough muddy and watery ....The dream stopped and I didn't managed to walk until the restaurant and I was awake.

It given me hint that someone going to leave my life unexpectedly ? OR ... I might not reach where I want to if I still hold on what I am not willing to let go. Stronger feeling tell me that it could be the first one as the scene was clearly and highlighted in my mind.

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